Elias Kontozamanis


Elias Kontozamanis is born in Kalamata and his roots are traced in the village of Pelekanos (Pelkas) in prefecture of Kozani. He studied law in Athens law school and afterwards he joined the judiciary branch. Today he is President of Thessalimiki’s Administrative Court of appeal and Director of continuing education and specialist training in administrative justice at the National school of judges in Thessaloniki. Ilias started drawing as a child portraits and in 1981 he started painting murals and Fayum portraits using various techniques. Later on, he began painting landscapes of Greek countryside. Paintings from his brush adorn the Administrative Court of Thessaloniki, the Church of St. George in Thessaloniki, the church Lygia of Ilia, the Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Gortynia, the Monastery of Varses in Tripoli, the church of Old Fountain in Messinia, the National School of Judges and private collections. Last summer he hosted his first solo exhibition in Casa Bianca in Thessalonica.