Dimitra Kerefiadou



Born in Bielefeld, Germany, Dimitra Kerefiadou studied interior architecture, decorative arts and design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, and painting, ceramics and hagiography at various art studios. Her works were featured in numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad. For the last 14 years she has been teaching visual arts to adults and children, including children with special needs. She currently lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Could any single definition describe the concept of Art, I wonder? Probably not.We make Art in order to be creative, to express ourselves. And of course the more different and unique the artist is, in regards to appearance, character, viewpoints and influences, the more unique the artworks he or she creates will be.But for me, as a creator, the most important thing I can offer is my honesty, my willingness to put heart and soul into my work. Sometimes my intention is to make the viewer get angry or think, feel strong emotions or be calm. Some works of art will make you relax, other may worry or scare you. But my goal is definitely to bring forth emotions.I completely agree with the opinion that art and beauty don’t have to necessarily be interdependent. This belief frees us all to create, to imagine, to travel; us both, the creator but also the viewer of  Art.The Art that has the power to take you on a journey, to open up roads to places you have never imagined and never expected to find, that art can be nothing less than “your truth”.So let yourself free on this journey without hesitations, limits or thoughts. After all, art has no limits but the ones we set ourselves, right?