Vana Lagopoulou


I was born in Thessaloniki in 1960 and graduated from the German School of Thessaloniki.As long as I can remember, Art has always been the reference point of my life.I started in my early years with dance and theater lessons and moved on to photography, lettering and graphic design in my adulthood.Playing and teaching Oriental percussion and frame drums is one of my main professional activities for the last 27 years. As does painting too. Painting has also been a significant part of my life leading me from the Byzantine and Russian Art of iconography (portable icons and wall paintings) to Islamic miniatures, Fayum portraits and Byzantine manuscripts.Ceramics entered my life in 2005.The multidimensional magic of clay has captured me ever since.
Group exhibits:
( 1996 )”ΠΑ.ΚΕ.ΘΡΑ.” (Xanthi) with Byzantine miniatures
( 2004 ) Gallery “Utopia” (Hortiatis) with Fayum portraits
( 2005 ) Gallery ”Gehrman” (Plagiari) with Fayum portraits
( 2012 ) Gallery “Myro” (Thessaloniki) with ceramics
( 2014 ) Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki with ceramics
( 2014 ) Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki with ceramics
Solo shows:
( 2012 ) Gallery “Myro” (Thessaloniki) with miniatures.
( 2012 ) “ Antiques House” ( Souroti ) with miniatures and Fayum portraits.