Vagelis Polizos


Vangelis Poluzos has been designing jewellery, pieces of sculpture and objects sinse 1981  working with materiels such as horn, bone, iron, titanium and silver.His work has been exhibited in several personal and group exhibitions not only in Greece, but also abroad -Zurich, London and Tokyo.Hi is a member of the Chamber Art.

A few words about the project:

This piece of Art is one of a series of sculptures created by Vangelis Poluzos under the title “Ships”.The artist uses bronze for the vessel itself and aluminium for its sails and painstakingly works on every detail of this handycraft.While he reaches out to the past and its aesthetics to give shape to his object, he denotes the exploretion of something entirely new, engaging in a dialogue of form and consept.Βαγγέλης-Πολύζος