Sotiris Antoniadis


I was born in Thessaloniki in 1980 and finished my studies as a Decoration Technician in the Vocational Training Institute for Culture (I.E.K. Politistiko) in Thessaloniki-Greece. Since my youth, I experimented with multiple means of expression mainly through painting.In 2007 I participated in the Parallel Events of Biennale1 Thessaloniki exposing 3 of my artworks Since 2006, I have worked as an art curator, stage designer and art instructor in exhibitions and happenings for Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, local museums and art galleries, cultural and educational institutions), fashion shows photograph exhibitions (and cinema shootings) trying to leave my personal mark and make a loud statement.I work as a columnist in local art and design magazines.I have directed my own short film “the reason why I was afraid” with 3 attendances in the Museum of Water supply of Thessaloniki,the “Protoleia dromena” Art Festival in Aretsou Beach-Thessaloniki and the New Town Hall Antiracist Festival of Thessaloniki.My artworks are displayed at private collections and public services’ halls.