Panagiotis Athanasiou


Panos Athanasiou was born in 1944 and raised in Messologgi. Greece. He is a self taught painter, always awakened by and concentrated on the natural beauty of the landscape and the historical value of the city of Mesologgi. His inspiration always comes from the peaceful, shallow lagoon, the wooden fishermen’s houses, called “pelada”, lying in front of a profuse, blilliant sunset.. Above all these the playful, magical combination of the smooth, quiet colours lead to the unique “grey of Messologgi”, which makes the pictures look like an old, romantic photography.
Panos Athanasiou has been awarded with first prize after taking part in local and national painting competitions during the last thirty years of his creation. Many of his works are found in private collections and art galleries in Greece and abroad.
He maintains his own art gallery and studio in Messologgi.