Jordan Choudamas


With my little pencil deeply sharpened, I used to fill my notebooks with sketches and colours. During High School, my teachers punished me, for my little pencil, unmistakable, sketched the mathematics teacher with his big nose, my French teacher with her glasses and my theology teacher with a strict, yet sweet little face!!! As years got by, time dragged my hand to conventions and put my little pencil’s inspiration to rules. Growing up, several newspapers released my sketches: “Makedonia”, “Thessaloniki”, “Aggelioforos”, “Avriani Makedonias-Thrakis”. So did several magazines of Thessaloniki and the surrounding region. I have never abandoned my little pencil. It is my asset in living life, a tool of personal expression. As long as I can see and sketch, I’ll always understand reality with humor!!!