Aspa Ioannou


Aspasia Ioannou was born in Serres. In 1997 she entered at the School of Fine Arts,at the department of visual and applied arts of A.U.TH. She specialized in painting and graduated in 2002. From 2003 offers enthusiastically her knowledge and experience in primary and secondary education but also offers voluntary work as a visual artist child employment programs. To her Credit has many participations in conferences and seminars but in six nationwide Mathitiades. From 1999 till today participates with paintings in many group exhibitions with artists from Greece and abroad. He has illustrated the books “An adventure in the woods” and the “Speech, Imagination and Colors” with specialized in children with learning difficulties. The stage designs of the teenage drama “Adult Prince”, adaptation of The Little Prince” by the director and actor Criton Zachariadi is one of her jobs.