Amina Kortbi


Amina Kortbi was born in 1972 in Algiers. She has lived all her life abroad and crossing the world from China at a very young age, to Morocco passing by Nigeria to the Netherlands. Eventually she settled in Greece in 2007. She says she has a piece of her in every place she lived and all these pieces have to fit as a puzzle of her identity to be find in her painting. In 2009 she studied academic drawing in a school in Plaka (Athens), where the courses were conducted by a teacher from the School of Fine Arts of Athens. In 2011 she began an apprenticeship in oil painting and artistic creation with a Spanish artist. She ends all activities to devote herself to the process of creation and artistic thinking. Her sources of inspiration are around her: people, city. She experiences work without an immediate visual support in order to force her memory to capture and remember the essential. This allows her “photographic memory” to “transcript” an expression of the visual onto the canvas. Symbolism and expressionism are trends and movements that mainly influence her; abstract and abstract expressionism are also present. Her work appeals to the spirit, more than the eye, to the hidden rather than the obvious.